All About 7B3 and Eastwood

All about us:

Connor P – For a week all I ate for dinner was spaghetti Bolognese and I like to play football (soccer)

Connor J – I once gave a monkey a piggy-back when I was on holiday in Spain and I like to play Call of Duty on the Playstation

Lewis H – I once bounced off a trampoline over the safety nets and hurt my back and I like sleeping

Alfie – I played Black Ops 2 for 12 hours and I like chocolate bars particularly Dairy Milk

Brandon – I was once in a paintball store and accidentally shot my cousin and I like computers and going on the internet

Michael – I once used spare parts to turn a Windows 7 computer into a MacBook and I like football (soccer)

Lewis B – I once found a £50 note on the floor and I like chocolate bars especially Galaxy Cookie Crumble

A £50 note

Nathaniel – I once played on the Xbox for a whole day with only milk and cookies and I like gaming particularly Call of Duty

Austen – I have cracked my head open twice, fallen down the stairs, broke my thumb and fractured my wrist and got knocked out at the same time and I like cheese especially Red Leicester

Ryan – I once gave my brother a two mile piggy back and I like sleeping a lot

Luke B – My first punch in boxing gave my opponent a nose bleed and I like boxing

Jenson – Eastwood is my second secondary school and I like Xbox

Jamal – Once on a weekend I was on my Playstation for the entire day without going to the toilet or eating and I like Call of Duty

Liam – I lost 15-0 for my football team and I like football (soccer)

Mikolay – My brother is going to come to this school and I like FIFA

All about Eastwood:

Raman – The school has lots of sports’ facilities and my favourite subject is PE.

Kai – The school has an astro-turf which we play on at lunch and I like PE

Jack – Our school has been here for 80 years and my favourite subject is Maths

Tyler – I haven’t missed a day off school yet and I like Science

Ben – This school used to be a boys only school and my favourite subject is PE

Lots of boys like PE

Josh R – Our school has gone through a lot of changes and I like English

Josh B – Our school was once bombed in war and my favourite subject is PE

Joe – We used to provide aid for the soldiers in war and I like Citizenship

Alex – The school was originally in an ‘E’ shape to represent Eastwood and my favourite subject is PE

Luke C – My dad used to go to this school and I like English

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