Eastwood Uncovered

The boys in 7EN3 decided they would like to write a guide of Eastwood for the visitors to our blog.


Here is what they came up with:


In Science we have learnt about acids and alkalis also in the same topic we did lab skills. After that we learnt about space and then forces, for example: friction and air resistance. Right now we are learning about cells and reproduction like how a baby is made and developed.

In Science once we got a variety of different materials/cells and looked at them through a microscope. In acids and alkalis we made our own indicator with red cabbage burning it with Bunsen burners. Also in acids and alkalis we got different materials and put an indicator on it to see if it was acid, alkali or neutral and it went a certain colour.

Science is important because science is all around us in the world for example the moon and the planets. It is important because the sun gives us light and also we eat and drink acid and alkali and it gives us knowledge of different things around the world.

We both like science because you get to do lots of different activities and learn about different topics.

by Josh Renouf and Alex Taylor



Why do we like geography :

We like geography because it is very interesting to find out new things which is happening around the world.  Like the enviroments and also how people recycle.

Why it is important :

i think that it is important because you will probably have to do it in your GCSEs also you will have to know about the maps and countries.

What do you use it for :

We use geography for  knowing how everything works and so you can get a job when you are older .

What countries do you like ???

      Africa ||||
      Spain |||||||||||||||||
      Germany ||
       Mexico |
       Dominican Republic |

So it looks like people would prefer Spain.

by Connor J and Luke B


ICT and DT


In ICT we do some key words to do with computers. There is a wide variety of computers (enough for everyone in the class) at the moment we are learning about spread sheets.

“I like ICT because it is fun to go on the computer and I learn interesting stuff,” said Tyler.

“I like ICT because my teacher (Mr Dunn) is very funny and I probably wouldn’t like it if he wasn’t my teacher,” said Lewis


In DT we do lots of different kinds of stuff. Like:


  • Food Tech
  • Resistant Materials
  • Graphics

In these classes we do a variety of things. In Food Tech we make different food every week like apple crumble or fruit salad and many more. In Resistant Materials we make things like Jacobs’ ladder, mini lights and lots more. Also in graphics we make kid robots and we are sure there is a lot more (but we are still doing Food Tech).

by Lewis and Tyler



What we have learnt this year!

We have learnt to put music together to create a piece of music byu sing a program called DJ! We have also learnt to know what a lot of the symbols are so if you showed us one we would know what it was and how many beats it has.

What activities we have done this year!

Once we have done some of the lesson we normally get told to go off to the practise room and play on something like the keyboard or the drums it is really fun!

Like or dislike?

Michael’s opinion: I like music because I love to do practicals and with music I can do that!

Ryan Sharp-Brailey: I love music because it is fun.

 Why it is important!

Music is important because in life if you want to be a musician you have to know how to play and you would need the grade to do it. It is just helpful to know what you are doing if you want to go for that kind of job.

What we have done this year!

The first half term we looked at the symbols of music and what or how many beats it has!

This half term we have learnt to play instruments like the drums and the keyboards.

by Jenson and MIchael



Maths is important because it teaches you how to use money (3$) and in future it helps you with finances. What we like about it is that we have very nice teachers.

by Austen and Jamal

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