Year 8 Netball

Year 8 netball tournament

On the 19th March, Year 8 girls at The Eastwood Academy participated in a netball tournament at Southend high for Girls. As we arrived on this cold, dreary, March afternoon we needed to warm up straight away to prepare for the matches ahead of us.

Our first match was against St. Bernard’s. At the start of the match Eastwood went 2 – 0 down, but we soon fought back and claimed victory the final score being 4 -2 to Eastwood.

The teams’ second match was against Southend High A team. This was a close fought match, the score being only one point apart through the whole game. Eastwood played well enough to snatch a victory. The final score was 7 – 6 to Eastwood.

Unfortunately on our third match against Belfairs high school it was not so successful. Belfairs played admirably preventing Eastwood from a victory, the final score in this match being a 5 – 4 loss.

Our forth match loomed and Eastwood needed to stay focused and play well. The team all pulled together and won against Westcliff high school A team. It was a tough match but the Eastwood girls worked hard and the final score was 7 – 4.

With luck, sheer determination and pure teamwork Eastwood made it through to the cup competition. The competition was tough and we had a lot of work to do. Other teams playing for the cup were St. Bernard’s, Southend High B team and Westcliff High A team, no easy task as these teams were strong competitors.

Our first match in the cup competition was against St. Bernard’s. This match was won with flying colours the match score finishing at 11 – 1 to Eastwood, a great result! All the team felt elated with this result and it gave us the confidence we needed going into the next match.

We waited in anticipation for our last match the pressure was on us to gain a win and do Eastwood proud. The Southend High B team began well scoring the first three points. Eastwood fought back but could not do enough to regain the lead. The final score was 5 – 4. The disappointment was evident if we could have held them to a draw we would of won the whole tournament.

Well done to all the girls at The Eastwood Academy who participated in this tournament and did the school proud!

Phoebe Jeffery (Centre)

Billie-MayHolt (Wing Attack)

Olivia Elliott (Wing Defence)

Chanelle Day (Wing Defence)

Grace Gunn (Goal Shooter)

Eloise Smith (Goal Attack)

Lucy Coker (Goal Defence)

Brogan Littlejohn (Goal Keeper)

By Brogan Littlejohn

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