Year 7 Poetry

Mr. Pearl’s 7B3 English group are currently learning about poetry.  Alfie Taylor has written the following fantastic poem about the Jabberwocky, based on the poem by Lewis Carroll.

In the deepest, darkest night,
The villagers had a nasty fright,
They heard the Jabberwocky’s nasty roar
and saw his footprints outside the door.

The giant Jabberwock with purple horn
and brown wings which flap at dawn,
a furry body of yellow and blue,
if you saw it you wouldn’t know what to do!

The brave boy grabbed his father’s blade
and by the tree a trap he laid,
the Jabberwock they dared him to kill,
he pointed at them and said ‘I will!’

All day he waited very scared,
wishing that he had never dared,
finally the Jabberwocky came out,
the boy raised his sword and gave a shout!

The battle was fierce and lasted hours,
the Jabberwocky died and fell in flowers.
The Jabberwocky at last is dead,
as the boy cut off his head.

The Jabberwock’s head is on a stick,
The boy ran home very quick,
The dad and boy had a hug,
Then shared a drink in a mug.

The whole village came to share the fun,
the fear and violence was now done,
the footprint now contained the head,
the villagers cried “the monster’s dead!”

The JubJub bird now wanted war,
because he missed the Jabberwock’s roar,
The JubJub bird will kill them all,
because to him they’re very small.

by Alfie Taylor 7A

Do you have any poetry to share?

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