Open Evening 2013

Last night was the Eastwood Academy’s Open Evening for the Summer term 2013.

A group of students went round whilst the event was happening and got the following information from teachers, parents and pupils.

Mr Piercy and Mr Niner

Mr Piercy and Mr Niner were very proud of Eastwood Academy tonight. They had met many interested, calm and happy parents and (hopefully) future students tonight. They also quoted that they were very happy to show the many people our brand new fitness suite.

Mr Piercy says, ‘The maths and history blocks were really great tonight, they had many great resources and we think they have had a good impact on our visitors tonight.’

Mr Niner then said, ‘Include a happy face there’ :)

As a school we are very happy with the out come tonight and I think Eastwood Academy are going to have very bright, happy year 7′s in the future years to come.

By Emily Hilaire


My best part was the Geography class with the maps and computers.


There are brilliant RE resources


I loved the slushies

Zack and Kyle, PE, Drama and French

Zack today took part in basketball in the sports hall and was getting the visitors involved. He said it’s been a very good night and has enjoyed it. Kyle has been helping in 2 departments French and Drama he said it went well in both. They also said it’s been a vibrant night, exotic atmosphere, good water and also complimented the brilliant interviewers for the blog.

Mr Brock Science Department

Mr Brock told us in our interview about what all the science activities were on. This included: dissections, microscopes, neutralisation, playing with nappies, dancing flubber and food testing. He said there were very good displays.

Phoebe Jeffery

“The open evening is going very well. The sports department is thriving, with a lot of hardworking students playing basketball, and running in the fitness suite. A lot of interested year 5 and 6′s are joining in with the basketball skills, meaning year 7 and 8 Eastwood pupils are having to step up to the mark!

Walking around the school, the History department is looking good, with pupils dressed up in Victorian dresses, and others giving tours around the department, sharing their knowledge on the subject.

I think the open evening is going well, the Eastwood pupils are setting a great example, keep it up guys!”

By Phoebe Jeffery

Jacob Naylor, Dance Block

Jacob was working in the Dance Block this evening; he was showing a range of styles of dance. He also was doing some demonstrations!

Connor May, PE Block

Connor was in new fitness suite! He quoted ‘It was very exhausting, tiring and hot! The place was packed of excited girls, boys and parents seeing such a great sports suite with such hardworking students.’

Ellie B and Jared C, PE Block

‘We’re working in the fitness suite today, we are trying to not break a sweat but to be honest the hot air and interested people gathered around us made it hard! We have red faces from the hard work we’re doing and we hope the many people are enjoying themselves’.

Laura P and Charlotte S, History Block

‘As you can see we are wearing some very silly costumes! But they are actually Victorian dresses that have been brought just for this evening. We are in the history block showing what we have done during our year 7 and 8 time in history. We have lots of fun activities that have let our year 5s have a taster of what they’ll do’

Joel Bailey, PE Block

Joel is very happy with the way it has turned out tonight! He is very busy playing and demonstrating his many skills in his most loved sport, basketball.

By Emily Hilaire

Mr Dunley, Drama department

Mr Dunley was taking part in working in the drama department tonight. They were talking to our visitors about topics that are covered in ks3 at our school. He says’ Tonight is going very well thank you, we have a wide range of activities to show topics such as mask work and mime to music. We had a short malfunction with the DVD player which was quickly fixed and things calmed down, with help from me,’

Mrs Hodgson-Clark, PE department

‘There has been a change around this year for open evening in our department. We have changed our activities so that they are more interactive and year 5′s get to take part. Also we have our fitness suit to show to our visitors about more of our facilities.’

Miss Rutland

Miss said that the night has been good, they are beginning to get a lot of people flowing through. their aim for the night is to make a piece of music.


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