Having started a new school, the Year 7 pupils have been doing a number of teamwork related tasks in English lessons, culminating in the creation of advertisements for their new chocolate bars.  Here is a selection of their thoughts:

Oskar and Lachlan

How is team work good?

  • Its good because you can work quicker
  • Give advice
  • Share ideas
  • Enthusiasm
  • Constructive criticism

How team work could be bad?

  • Arguments
  • Take a while because people have other ideas
  • Talking over people
  • Being silly
  • Not concentrating

Our experience!

It took a bit of time to figure out the groups but in the end we managed to make our groups. It was difficult to start the activities and think about our ideas. We completed the task and had great radio and TV adds for our chocolate bars.


Today’s lesson was fun working together to help each other with their advert and I found working together is a lot easier because if you are stuck your partner can help you. The advert was for a chocolate bar we had designed earlier on.


Our team worked well together today to create a radio advert about our chocolate bars.

Why is team work important?

  • Because when you’re stuck you can always rely on people to help you.
  • To not only see your point of view, you can listen to other people’s point of view.
  • When you’re on your own you work slowly but with other people you work faster


Today I was doing a chocolate bar and we had to do a radio advert and a TV advert to tell them my chocolate bar called the Double Trouble bar.

When I was helping my friend Nicholas we worked very well and I helped him.

What advice do you have for teamworking activities?

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