What Year 9 Would Change About the World

Mr. Pearl’s 9B1 class have taken part in the new QuadBlogging cycle by giving their thoughts about what they would like to change about the world.  Read, enjoy and comment below with your own thoughts.

Currency – George Crocombe

I would change that every country or region has its own currency. I would change this because in my eyes I see that this is only a problem and not an advantage. I think this is a disadvantage as this only leads to being a huge separation in wealth and in the economy and also allows for some currencies to crash leading to jobs being lost and others to rise leading to even more separation in wealth.

I think changing the world to only have one currency would have a positive affect as it would mean that there would not be a chance for the economy of areas to crash as if there is only one currency surely the value must stay the same all the time as there is no other currency for it to be valued against?

I also think that could lead to easier trading as we would not have to worry about exchange rates. Also when trading people will always get a fair price as traders will not be able to offer bad exchange rates and not pay what produce is worth.

Another point is it will be easier for holiday makers and tourists as they will not have to worry about changing to the correct currency and finding the best exchange rate for the place they are visiting.

Overall I think this will be a good idea as it will make travel and trade easier and fairer and in my opinion the world’s economy more stable.

People’s Rights – Dylan Greenwood

I would change the rights people have in the world. Some people can’t speak freely in their own country about the government and about the way they are treated. People should be allowed to speak freely in their own country about any matters. This is called freedom of speech and everyone should have this right.

I also would change the amount of poverty in the world. It is unfair that people in places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts of Africa don’t have access to a place to live in; the streets are their only place they can go.

There is one last thing I would change in the world and that is racism. Racism is a main concern, it is widely used and black and/or dark skinned people are being bullied and even tortured because of the colour of their skin. Jokes are even told about these people and there accents are also being intimidated for being black.

Wages – Oliver

The one thing I want to change is wages. There are millions of people in the world who are extremely underpaid and poor, even though they work harder than celebrities.  Hundreds of footballers earn millions just for playing a sport when there are doctors, nurses and teachers who work around the clock to help others but earn only a fraction of footballers.

In countries like China there are thousands of sweatshops where there are child workers who are paid so little they are like slaves. They work all week with little to no breaks and will earn less than £4 a day. For the work they do they deserve more money, especially because they will be doing it to help their family.

Celebrities are another example of people who are overpaid for what they do. They earn millions for what they do, although they do bring joy to people who watch their movies/tv shows, people in the emergency services are saving lives but earn nothing compared to celebrities. This is why I think that the wages people earn needs to be changed, so that it is fair to the people who really work hard.

Crime – Connor May

The one thing I would change about the world would be crime as it comes in many forms and it can kill and destroy lives. Crime could affect any one, in forms as drugs, robbery, and murder. These three things can shape the world and need to stop, as the world may fall into the under world of drugs.

I hate crime as it can kill and cause pain to many lives around the world.  Gangs can cause this thing as drugs can parse quickly through gangs.  Gangs can rob shops and kill the owner as law can have little meaning to them.

Crime should be stopped as it corrupts the world and hurts many that on it and they work hard for a living and then crime can mess up there lives crime can kill the people committing it. Drugs can kill unknowing people that are forced it take them. Crime needs to stop now, forever because people are dying.

Conflict – Matthew Nariel

I would change world poverty and stop conflict between nations (wars) because innocent live get destroyed by war and world conflict. Also I would change the squatter’s rights because I think that it is not fair that strangers are staying in your house and you are paying the mortgage but you cannot do anything about it.

I would stop world poverty because it is not fair that people are dying with hunger when other the richer people are right next to the poor people, for example the favelas in Brazil. And they don’t have a home to go!

Also I would stop countries being in debt because it could lead to serious conflict and arguments between nations. Many innocent live will be taken due to war!

War – Jared Comben

The one thing I would change is war. I would like to get of the war because it can hurt everyone such as the family, friends and yourself. War includes death and hatred all we want is peace.

I hate war because there are so many bad things about it like death, hatred, injuries, guns, rockets, missiles, bombs, grenades, and nuclear missiles. I would like to get rid of all these weapons because it causes bad things. If these things were gone I think the world would be a better place.

People who take place in the war are so brave and      courageous; they devote their life to save others. Without them we may all be dead and our life will be a horror, that’s why I want to get rid of the war.

Soldiers get paid around £3,000 a month which is nowhere near how much footballers get paid and all they do is kick a ball and fall over they do not deserve as much as soldiers but they get much more than them when they clearly shouldn’t .

Cancer – Antonio Victorio

The one thing I would change in the World is the horrible cancer disease that is killing people around the planet and causing devastation to families. It occurs everywhere … in every town. Every city.  Every Nation. Every country. Every state and every continent.

Despite our superior technology cancer is such a gargantuan task to accomplish we hardly ever succeed.  However when treated with a vaccination early in the stages you are more than likely to be cured of this terrible disease.

It is required to have a superb amount of strength and bravery to withstand the sadness and depression to lose a loved one. Especially when they’ve done so much for you and have been with you every step of your fanatical life. I have experienced this a couple of times in my life time. I have lost some loved ones due to cancer and it is a terrible thing to hear and witness your friends or family and relatives say to you it has happened. Imagine if you have cancer but you are unaware and you are told it is (I believe) a terrible thing to hear knowing that you have a deadline to life. You would have to countdown until you die, how horrible.

This causes most despair and heart break in life. We are so close to curing it but not yet. It’s amazing to observe races and charity events to raise awareness and cure this disease.

Eventually we will conquer this atrocious killer of the World. Stand tall we will and we shall be prepared for any other things that try to kill off the human race!

Turkish Delight – Lewis Jeffery

The world is a very strange place. There are lots of things I could change but the most important for me is, Turkish delight! If only it was good for you. You could eat endless sugary joy and not put on a single ounce of weight! I’m not talking about the fries Turkish with chocolate on it, I’m talking about the proper Turkish, in a box!

Unfortunately, Turkish delight is very bad for you!  It is a massive lump of starch coated with a whole load of sugar! Sounds lovely but it isn’t lovely to your health. 1 medium sized box of Turkish is like eating 28 chocolate biscuits.

Turkish delight is a love or hate situation, people either can’t stop eating it or don’t go anywhere near it! There are loads of different types of Turkish not just the jelly ones. If I go far with this and Turkish delight becomes healthy I will try to make people love it!

Wars – Zack Littlejohn

The one thing that I, myself, would like to change in the world is that wars take place every day. This world is meant to be a place where people can express their feelings without being shot or hurt. I feel like there are some people on this earth that spoil the fun of living. People should enjoy their life and wish they could live forever, but that’s not the case for some people, because in modern life there are people in the world that commit suicide. There are many terrible reasons why people do it but overall, the main reason they do it is because of the worlds actions.

The reason wars should never take place again is because if you look at the statistics of deaths and diseases that take place due to wars it will explain everything. for example take WW1 and WW2 these wars have been the most horrific wars seen on the face of the earth. WW1 took place because Germany tried to take advantage of the world and expand their empire when really they should of just been proud of their empire as it was, also WW2 was basically the same but more deaths took place in WW2  and I believe it was all over stupid decisions made by Germany.

Finally I hope you agree with my opinion and wars all around the world should be stopped and instead of wars governments should meet and discuss each others problems. This will be better than wars because it stops innocent people being killed.

Cost – George Whitmore

One thing I would change is how much everything costs in today’s world. I think everything is overpriced. Not just in shops or online but in industries such as football (soccer) and music.

A song now days cost 99p just to listen to music when now we have YouTube to watch a song for free. Smartphones such as an IPhone costs £749 for the 64 GB version, just for a phone. You can also buy another phone just as good as it for £349 from Samsung. Also I think football players are overpaid underachievers compared to the men and woman protecting and fighting for our countries get underpaid. Wayne Rooney gets paid £250,000 a week and on the other hand in the armed forces they earn £9,000 a year.

If you look at Golf for example if you win the FedEx cup you instantly win £9,000,000 for just winning one tournament. Also for houses mortgages are worth a lot just for a house. I think Houses prices have gone up rapidly as a house use to cost £19,000 and now a 3 bedroom family house is worth £225,000. Cars also are worth a lot. A Bugatti Veyron is worth £1,000,000.

I think that in the world we make everything too expensive and give the wrong jobs too much money such as the Military who deserve as much as footballers get.

Footballers’ Pay –

The one thing I would change is how much professional footballers get paid. Footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo earn as much as £15 million a year. Yet some English League 2 players earn about £50,000 a year a lot of players earn more than that in a week. Many people argue that it is ridiculous they are paid that sort of money for kicking a ball around. I agree, especially with players that earn more than £30,000 a week it is a joke.

People in the Armed Forces earn around £19,000 a year and they risk their lives for their country, where as footballers do nothing compared to that. Many other people who have jobs in the emergency services are paid nothing compared to footballers.

Many footballers who are paid a lot of money don’t always achieve what they are expected to achieve. They earn a lot of money because they are meant to be good at what they do, this isn’t always the case. Many football clubs who have a lot of money attract greedy players with extremely high wages. For example a top class striker from Cameroon called Samuel Eto’o moved to a Russian club called Anzhi Makhachkala. The reason he moved there was because they were willing to pay him £350,000 a week, which came to £18 million a year.

I just wish that rich owners of football clubs didn’t invest so much money into a club, which allows them to pay players so much money. But here is the question, who would you pay more someone who served in the armed forces or a footballer?

Genocide – Chay Clark

The one thing I would in the world is genocide. Too many countries are victims of genocide; one of the best known instances is Germany 1900’s. Hitler and the Nazi party had over 6 million Jews killed in cold blood. Hitler’s excuse for this was that they made Germany lose the First World War. If they would have been able to catch Hitler he would have been charged with crimes against humanity.

A more recent act of genocide is Muammer Guddafi. He killed thousands of innocent people in the streets of Tripoli, because they didn’t agree with his ways. He was killed in late 2012 when he was shot in a firefight with a loyalist forces. He was beaten by the loyalist before being shot dead.

I believe that anyone who has committed genocide should suffer the same fate as Pol Pot, Guddafi and Hitler.

Days Off – James Needs

If I could change a thing in the world it would be the days that people have off. In my eyes this is a brilliant plan which seems reasonable and a good, well supported idea. Having three days off of school instead of two is a good idea as more people will be less tired during the week as they will have more rest on the days off.

You may think this a school child trying to get more time of to get on his PlayStation but I have a idea that children at school will be set a few hours of homework on the day off we do have. This will not make their day off a waste of time from a teacher’s prospective. They could maybe do two to three hours of homework set that is relevant to do with the work in class. This will give the students a little bit of rest but there will be work still involved on their day off

I would make their day of rest on a Wednesday as it is in the middle of the week and people will then be more relaxed to go back to school on Thursday and Friday. You may see a change in attitude in school as well ( in a positive way ).   Normally, during the week, bad behaviour is caused by lack of sleep and rest. However, with a days rest, relaxation, slumber and a few hours of homework people will come back to school refreshed ,relaxed and ready to learn. This will give teachers an extra day to catch up on marking.

I strongly suggest you consider my thoughts on days off.

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