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The boys in 9B1 came together to create an informative piece about the subjects we study at The Eastwood Academy.  Enjoy


ICT at the Eastwood academy is a very fun and rewarding subject. You learn a lot, more and more every lesson. We learn everything from how to build our own websites from the ground up to how to animate with Flash. We have amazing teachers that know everything about the work at hand. They are ready to help anyone from year seven, when we start ICT.

GCSE ICT is a fun topic to pick for your options, but it is a hard topic to achieve in but our students are excelling in it. Our current year nines were given the choice to choose ICT as their option one year earlier than previous students and are predicted to succeed.

The current computers at the academy are easy to use and powerful enough to use the newest and best computer programs and software. ICT is a great subject at Eastwood.


At the Eastwood Academy we take a lot of care and pride in every department especially our Drama department. Even though the GCSE’s are getting harder every year in performing arts we have still attained a great percentage. With 60% that obtained A* to C. This is good due to fact they are getting extremely hard also the government are trying to get rid of them. Therefore they make it harder!

42 out of 196 pupils picked Drama – here are some views by the students at the Eastwood Academy who are taking Drama as a GCSE.

Kyle Coulson Year 9: Throughout my two years at Eastwood I have improved my confidence dramatically. I have made new friends throughout drama and hope to so in the future. It has brought out my creativity and boosted my ability to talk in speak in front of others. The teachers are friendly and are very educated and good at what they are doing.


Science in the Eastwood Academy is great and is full of great experiments and dangerous demonstrations.

In KS3 you start your journey by learning lab skills like using Bunsen burners and reacting acid. You then move on to learning about space and many other interesting topics which involve many exiting practicals and fascinating research. Then when you reach year 9 you move onto the good stuff, reactive chemistry. This is when you start to react metals with acids and super reactive metals like sodium in water creating a flame and lots of excitement.

In KS4 science awesomely great things happen. Lots of practical experiments including: Metals, salts and even global warming! You get to implement all the skills you learn in KS3 and use them in KS4. Experiments are more dangerous in KS4.

69% of pupil got a A*-C this is amazing as this is nearly ¾ of the academy and 69% of pupil got a A*-C this is amazing as this is nearly ¾ of the academy’s pupils passed their exam.


The Maths Department at the Eastwood Academy is one of the most successful departments in the Academy. We had 90% of our students obtaining an A*-C grade. Furthermore 89% of our students achieved their FFT Forecast Grade; also 43% exceeded their FFT Forecast Grade. The FFT Forecast Grade is a grade given to the student from the government as a target for them to hit.

Within Maths there is a website where our maths teachers are able to set their students homework at any time the site is called www.mymaths.com. Mymaths consists of many tasks that go from level 3-EP also you can get GCSE grades. There are also other programs we use in maths in the IT sweet.

We hope we have given you a good insight to our Maths Department at The Eastwood Academy.           `

Computer Science

At the Eastwood Academy one of the curriculum pathways you can take is Computer Science. In Computer science you learn how to program several things such as apps, text windows, and graphic windows. It is a really good subject to take as it helps in the future with all the new technologies and for the futures jobs you will need programming skills.

You get to start computer science in year 9 and you start using a programme called small basic. It is a really good program for beginners and helps you throughout the program. Then we move onto a program called app inventor. You use this program to create an android app which you can load onto an android phone/tablet. 

Computer science is a hard GCSE to do it is really helpful for the future and all of us who do computer science recommend anyone who likes computers to take it.


The Physical Education department is a very successful place to be in. We as a school achieve many sporting highlights such as reaching National cross country finals, year in, year out. It has produced many brilliant basketball teams of which one of them won the Essex cup. Football teams which have one the Essex league. For example the year 8 and 9 girls team. These are only a few of amazing results.

We have had athletes getting England vests and running for their county. Overall our whole Physical Education department is a very successful department and the teachers are always trying to push you to get better. This is why we achieve very high levels and amazing GCSE grades.

We had 78% from a* to c grade.


The Art department is a great area of the school. It is a tough subject but the school make it enjoyable. For example when we went into year 7 we weren’t very good at art but 2 years on we have taken it for a GCSE and are heading for a good grade. As individuals we have learnt so much and have become better artists.

Whether you’re in KS3 or KS4 the art department can improve your art skills whatever your ability. The department improves skills such as drawing, painting, clay work, printing, pastels and many other mediums. People say art is boring but this school make it an exciting subject to learn. Teaching two hours a week to KS3 pupils, you learn a lot but when you reach KS4 it is up to you to take it or not. If you do then you have two hours a week for the next 3 years and you improve even further.


Ks3- Last year in Key Stage 3 was incredible! We did so many fun things and have so many brilliant memories that we will never forget. We achieved amazing grades and were taught in an effective way.

At the beginning of the year we started doing some work on the London Olympics. This was brilliant as we had so much inspiration from the summer just gone. It was great. We wrote different types of stories and did performances on what is success and victory. That was a fun half term.

My favourite memory of Ks3 and still remains my favourite memory of all is The Night Of Shakespeare. It was inspired by our previous teacher Mr Keenan but he has now left the school. We achieved a lot and gained confidence in ourselves. It was an incredible evening and we raised a lot of money for the charities we had picked. We were so very pleased with ourselves and this has been the highlight of Ks3.

To the end of the year we read The Hobbit and did various exercises to improve our creativity. Over all Ks3 was fantastic and a great memory!

We have just started Ks4 it has been great so far we have been writing crime stories and also investigated in a proto type crime scene set up by Mr.Pearl.  It has been fantastic so far!

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