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About our Academy

The boys in 9B1 came together to create an informative piece about the subjects we study at The Eastwood Academy.


Having started a new school, the Year 7 pupils have been doing a number of teamwork related tasks in English lessons, culminating …

Open Evening 2013

Last night was the Eastwood Academy’s Open Evening for the Summer term 2013. A group of students went round whilst the event …

Year 7 Poetry

Mr. Pearl’s 7B3 English group are currently learning about poetry.

Year 8 Netball

Year 8 netball tournament On the 19th March, Year 8 girls at The Eastwood Academy participated in a netball tournament at Southend …

Eastwood Uncovered

The boys in 7EN3 decided they would like to write a guide of Eastwood for the visitors to our blog.   Here …