Remembrance Day

On the 11th day of the 11th month, the United Kingdom celebrated Remembrance Day. This is a day dedicated to people who have lost their lives in the armed forces. Students in different sets across year groups marked the day with a special literacy lesson and looked at why we celebrated this day. They wrote poems about WW1 and remembering the fallen soldiers.

Many people wear poppies (a flower) on their jackets. The poppy is also a special and significant flower as it grew in the fields after the battles had been fought and won. Originally, the idea of the poppy , began after WW1 but is still used as a symbol of respect  today. You can also click the link below to see a video that highlights WW1 and the idea behind the poppy. Remembrance day is very similar to Veteran’s day in that we honour our troops.  There is also a two minute silence at 11am which is when WW1 was declared officially over.

Tell us about national holidays you have in your country? Do you get days off for people in history or have you any coming up?


Open Evening 2012

In English they have made a huge word search where you can put words into a blank grid until it is completely filled. Once filled, other people try to find the words.

We went to I.C.T and Mr Turberville refused to co-operate all he said was “don’t watch Geordie Shore.” ARCHIE CLARK

We went to dance. Mrs Rand “was a nerd at maths and won a gold award. ” she is showing a piece from the their national street dance competition. It is a contemporary dance piece choreographed to Jessie J. It seems a very good night so far ”

Archie Clark

We have just been down to the swimming pool. There are many swimmers, with different abilities. Mr. Futcher said “There are a range of swimmers on show here, they are doing an interval session to promote the school’s PE swimming department. Also, Mr. Bracknell has some new running trainers.”

Mrs Hunter says there have been many food tests going on in the crowded science rooms, many of the students investigating if there is any starch in several types of foods, whereas some are looking at slides with plant cells , animal cells etc. on them . Mrs Hunter has told us that her favourite subject to teach is biology; meanwhile Mr Iredale was inflating a piglet’s lungs and observing the interesting facts of its heart and kidney! He was showing different pupils how the lungs work, he did this by putting a tube through the windpipe and blowing through the other end to see them inflate , also explaining that is how our breathing system works in our body !

Miss Steel has said excitedly that the night has been going very well, one room full of year 7, 8’s where they are working on different projects, such as 3-D making and drawing ‘ animals’ which is what the year 7’s project is on at the moment , and the other full of hard working year 10’s and 11’s working on their clay work and some determined GCSE students working on some observational drawings.

Mr Dunley, a drama teacher had said that there has been a variety of performances going on from dance to commedia d’larte and bits of the show thrown in. He also mentioned that the play was going swimmingly and his favourite subject to teach is the commedia d’larte project. He also said that there have many intrigued adults and children asking several questions about the different things available at our school. Miss Rossi, also another Drama teacher had said that the night was going very well; however there hadn’t been many people over to her department.

Mr Bracknell, a P.E teacher has said the night has been going fairly well, and has been answering any questions or queries any adults may have. His favourite subject to teach in the P.E department is Rugby as he plays it and enjoys teaching it to pupils. There have been several different sports happening in the P.E department like basketball, swimming , the bleep test and many more interesting sports ! He also mentioned that the department is very busy and he is very happy about how it is going.

A maths teacher, Mr Smith, has told us that the evening has been marvellous and quite busy; he has been helping and encouraging different children about several types of maths; percentages, decimals and many fun filled facts! He amazed us with his wonderful mind reading trick, it was fantastic! Mrs Reid, also another Maths teacher has been finding out what the hand span and height of our year 5’s are . She told us that there has been a nice steady flow of people coming to her department and she is enjoying the night as it goes.

We also interviewed a happy Mrs Carter, a French teacher, and she has been enjoying herself greatly. She has been playing many games with the students such as some tapping games and many more.  She has been showing the new Year 5’s the new course and Ryan Bishop, a year 7, had also done a special PowerPoint for this special occasion. All the year 5’s had also said they had been really enjoying themselves in the French department and had learnt some very interesting things such as: months, days, weeks and many more! been  She also mentioned that there had been very busy times during the night but there had also been very quiet times too.

In the D.T block we interviewed Miss Rhoda , the smell of freshly cooked cookies tickled my nose , it was only when we asked her that she said the year 9’s had been making them . They had been making different types of biscuits like Orange shortbread, ginger biscuits and they had been piping chocolate! She said there had been a lot of people in the food room and they had really been entertained by this department.

So overall the evening had been going very well, and it seemed that all the Year 5’s were having an extraordinary time visiting all the departments and meeting all the great teachers . We hope that everyone who was here had a wonderful time  , including the teachers , the staff and of course the Year 5’s

War Horse

War Horse is a fantastic new film but before that it was a novel and theatre production. At Eastwood, 9boys2 and 9girls3 have just finished reading it. Students were then asked to write a brief opinion of the novel and whether or not they would recommend it to others. Below is a link for the film trailer, check it out and tell us whether you’d be tempted to go see it or not.

On Tuesday 17th of January, Miss Memery, Mr Martin and Miss Doran are taking 27 students to see the play. We’ll be sure to let you know how it was!

Tyler Milhill

We have read a book called war horse it is a good book but it can get really boring I would not recommend this book to anyone as it takes too long and can easily bore you. Also a thing about the book is that it takes too long to get into the storyline and there’s not much action and there needs to be more a good thing about it is that when the action does come it makes you think what is going to happen next. I probably would go to see the film as I prefer to have something that is in front of me and that i can see without reading. Those are my views on the book War Horse I hope that you took them in.

Tye Cornish

I think war horse is a very good book. It is about a horse called Joey and a boy called Albert with an unbreakable bond and a relationship that will live on forever. This book is based in World War 1 and therefore has a lot of loss so shows a lot of emotion and feelings in this book. So overall would recommend this to read and lovers of the world war. I’d give it a 5 star rating.

George  Elliot

War Horse is one of the most touching books that i have ever read and finished.   It is about a boy call Albert and his dad buying this horse call Joey who goes out to war and is fighting for his country. He starts off by fighting for England in the cavalry and then getting captured by the Germans and then working long hours a day collecting dead bodies and injured people. If i was a person that has read this book i would be stupid not to go and watch the movie. I got into the book a lot and would be surprised if the movie id better than the book

Jack West

I think war horse is an ok book I don’t find it interesting really but that’s my opinion, I would recommend this book to people who like reading about horses or reading about the war. I would rate these book 3 to 4 stars because some of it is good and some of it is interesting.

Harrison Smith

Warhorse is a very good book. It is about a young boy whose Horse named Joey is bought from his father by the war. Albert is not old enough to join the war with Joey; So Joey goes on by himself. Soon after Joey and Albert Reunite. The film has a lot of interesting things happening throughout it. It is quite a long story book, and has an unexpected ending. With this Novel you can never tell what is going to happen next. Because the book is quite long it sometimes gets boring when something new isn’t happening it is sometimes just describing something going on in the war. I would recommend this book/Film to people of any age. I would give it Four out of 5 Stars.

Billy Marr

Personally I wouldn’t recommend war horse because from what I read I found it boring and hard to understand. Although the film might be quite good because most films vary from the book. The book was about a horse that went into war to try and find its original owner, in the story the horse gets injured and taken to the veterinary place and by luck he found his original owner but then sadly he got put in an auction, which an old man buys him for £28 but he knows how much joey the horse means to Albert for only 1 English pound.


I would not recommend war horse the book to any of my friends because it is too long and it could easily bore you. It takes too long to get introduced to any of the characters. I don’t really understand the book because it really bored me. The film might be good. The film will probably be quite good because it will have more action and you will be able to see what is happening rather than just reading about it because I find that quite boring. I don’t like reading anyway. The best character in the book is Topthorn because he is a black horse and I like black horses, he and joey can talk to each other but horses cannot really talk in real life (in case you didn’t know). So I would probably recommend the film over the book it will also be much quicker.

Kane Austin

War Horse is about a horse called Joey and he has an owner called Albert and they have a close bond, but Albert’s dad decides to sell Joey to the Army and Albert is Worried about Joey but he promises joey he will find him. While Joey is in the army he meets a horse called Topthorn who is just as fast as joey but taller than him. They become great friends and also have a tight bond. But Topthorn Eventually dies from exhaustion and joey is on his own. He eventually gets taken by the British and is healed up and ready to fight but he is reunited with his old friend Albert who was in the war for only one thing Joey. When Albert finds joey the war has ended a there is peace.

I would recommend this book



War horse is based on horse that lives on a farm his owner loves Topthorn .  Albert joins him to bits and his dad needed money for the farm so he sold him to the war and he meets a horse called the war on a search to find his horse joey. In the journey of the war joey meets loads of new people. Joey and Topthorn get captured by the Germans but the Germans treat them like one of them. They are used to carry carts with injured people in then eventually they get onto the battlefield. Will joey and Topthorn get home I cannot tell you that you’ll have to watch the film or get the book.

Rajal Patel

Warhorse is an interesting story based in World War 1. In the story a horse called Joey goes to war in France. Before he went to war he was working in a farm with a boy called Albert. Joey meets lots of people like David, captain Nicholls, trooper Warren and many more. While Joey is in the war he starts as a cavalry horse, but then something happens when two soldiers and there horse go to enemy territory. The good part in the book was the ending and when Captain Stuart and trooper Warren get captured. The bad parts in the book at the beginning because at the beginning the story was mostly about Albert’s dad except describing the all the character. I would watch this film when it comes out also I think the book is a 4 star because it very interesting.

Umer and Carl

War horse!

Personally me and Umer think that war horse was a great book and are looking forward to watching the film it had happy scenes and sad scenes. Joey the horse met many owners along the way, but his true owner was albert who loved him and thought of him every single day since he got sold to the army by his father albert got to the point where he missed joey so much be sacrificed his life to join the army to find his lost friend, he eventually finds him but doesn’t know that until he washes the mud off.

To sum up war horse in 1 word I would say it is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone within the age group of 11 + the ending was really well played out in the auctioning and the journey that joey and albert went on they both ended up together

Connor Adams

I enjoyed the book War Horse because it was very interesting to read but at the same time still fun to read. I would recommend it to other 13-14 year old children who want a challenging book to read.

It is about a young boy named Albert how get a horse named joey but then loses the horse to the war. He then joins the army to find the horse. But will he find Joey the horse in time before time runs out.

I think they could have ended the a bit better but overall it was good. Also you should find out what happens to Captain Stewart and Trooper Warren.

Over all I enjoyed the book and would read it again.

I would rate it 4 ½ out of 5.

Jake Whitham

War Horse is a fascinating novel about a horse named Joey who runs away from being known as a slave horse, and try’s to find his owner Albert. With twists and turns around every corner, but a tragic storyline. If I had the chance, I would definitely go and see it, because it looks really good to watch, and I would like to see how close the storyline to the book.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who is fanatical about books.


This book is about a young boy called albert who’s  drunken fathers buys and horse called joey they have to sell the horse albert group up with to the army for money to run the farm. Joey the hoes goes on a massive adventure and meets a girl called Emily that gets a disease and survive Joey then goes back into the war travelled across no man’s land badly injured and they flip a coin to get Joey cause they both want the very special horse and then get reunited with albert but has to sell it in an auction to because the horses are badly the end buyer gives back the horse to albert.

War horse is a good book and I would recommend you watch the play or the film both are good from the trailers I’ve watched on the YouTube and I would rate this 5/5.

Connor Summerhill

War horse is a alright book but was boring at stages. It is about a horse called Joey and his owner Albert. The first time they meet is when his dad is bought the horse at a market. Then he raised him for his dad to sell him to the army. Albert tried to join the army but he was too young, while he waited to join the army he meets a girl called Maisy. At the same time Joey is fighting in the war meeting new friends. After ages of not seeing each other for ages they finally meet each other after Albert joins the army and is cleaning him in the war hospital.


War horse is an interesting story set in World War 1 with lots of twists in it. It is about a horse named Joey how first lives in a farm. He then gets sold by a man who did not ask his son before doing so as his son, Albert was close to Joey. Joey was a cavalry horse and then got captured by the Germans. He was then used as transport. His best horse friend got killed in the process of exhaustion. Joey then got captured by The English army in no-man’s land. Albert had found Joey and was cleaning him up. When the war ended all of the horse got sold at auction. An old man brought Joey for £28 English pounds. The old man said “I will pay £100 English pounds for this horse as it is my grand-daughters horse”. When he heard that it was Albert’s horse and what he had done to get Joey back he sold it to Albert for only £1 English pound.

Dillon Southgate

War horse is a book that has a lot of depth. It is a book that I would recommend to an elder age range as its wording is very advanced.

This book is very good as it shows that a horse is capable of many things. I enjoyed joeys adventures as he got in situations were he would fail and succeed.

But sometimes he can get very long winded as the language becomes very long sometimes. But overall the book is good but I would like to see the film though as I would like to see if the book is any different to the movie. Also I would like to see if the characters are the same. Because they may have different personality than the book says. So to conclude the book was good but it should be more aimed at a younger age than it is.


War horse is another true classic wrote by Michael Morpergo. At the start joey is bought by a man who has a son called albert, albert becomes fond of young joey and in a few years they become best friends however war breaks out and joey is sold to the army. Joey meets another horse called Topthorn and they become friends and meet many new people and friends and also lose some too. Topthorn eventually dies and joey is lost and wounded and close to death until he wonders into no man’s land and is won by the British and he is then reunited with his old friend albert who only came to the war to find joey. As the war comes to a close Albert finds he might lose joey again what will happen to joey.

Luke Owen

War horse shows the frontline of horses and action with ww1 and the high adventure and breath taking scenes. It shows great character throughout the film/book and interesting facts about the war. The horses have a main role and you can see how important they were to the war and the troops throughout war. I would recommend people watching the film and reading the book as it is very interesting and fascinating for everyone!

Tom Ray

War horse is a book where you get the full image of the World War 1; it has a very catchy story line and a great ray of characters with all different feelings. You have a feeling throughout that Joey and Albert was going to be reunited and they did. You feel as though you are fully experiencing the war. The bad things about this book are that it is too predictable, like you know what is going to happen. It is boring after a while so I wouldn’t recommend it to people of my age as it is very long and I got bored of it very quickly. I would probably go and see the film because it would not be as long an boring as the book and I will be able to follow it very easily as we reads the book.

Scott Williams

WarHorse is about a horse named Joey that is auctioned in a sale and goes to a loving Housekeeper named Albert. His dad is a drunken and treats Joey like dirt. He sells him when the war breaks out and Albert is heartbroken. Joey meets another Horse named Topthorn that rides with Joey throughout the story eventually he dies. When they get captured he stayed with a girl named Emilie who also dies. Then the Germans took him back from them and runs away he lands into no man’s land and the English take him back. They then sell him to Emilie’s grandfather and then gives him to Albert for free in return he must tell everyone about Emilie as he won’t live for much longer and no one will know about Emilie. Also, Albert tells Joey that his father is a changed man making him want to go even more

Poetry Live

On Friday November 30th, Year 10 and 11 students went to Poetry Live!, where poets from the Poetry anthology studied at GCSE were reading live poetry and taking questions from students.

The day started brilliantly as the group saw arguably the most famous man in Britain before we had even got there. As the coach pulled into Westminster, a brace of Police motorbikes sped past, asking traffic to stop. In the cars they were riding alongside, we saw none other than David Cameron making notes in his car!

The Poetry event was really well attended and Eastwood students were brilliant all day. They were a credit to the Academy, and really enjoyed John Agard’s energetic and eccentric performances, including an amazing Calypso inspired reading of Lord Tennyson’s famous ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’.

The Chief Examiner told the students in the audience that to get the top grades, they were to focus on personal responses to poetry rather than writing about technical references, to which the crowd cheered (including the teachers!). The Queen’s official poet, Carol Ann Duffy, was there and gave some excellent insight into her most famous poetry, such as Quickdraw. Simon Armitage CBE gave a really powerful presentation of his ‘Out of the Blue’ poem, which was written in response to the 9/11 attacks.

Many thanks to Mrs Suttle, Mrs Harwood, Mr Phillips and Miss Holdsworth for attending. Students will be writing up their experiences onto the school blog next week

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