Reading for Pleasure

15 students were awarded with a special badge to mark their great skills or passion in reading- ‘Reading fo Pleasure’ badges.

As part of raising awareness about a passion for reading  the school started the day with an assembly for year 7 students which celebrated reading. The small owl pin badge which students wear on their blazers allows staff to see and meet the needs of these particular students. Five students were selected as having  the highest reading and spelling ages in their year whilst several others were nominated by their form tutors and English teachers for being above average or simply displaying a passion for reading.

The academy has decided to mark March as the month of Literacy with events taking place across the whole school as a way of promoting its importance.

Two year 10 students will be selected to run the library as ‘Head Librarian’ and ‘Deputy Head librarian’.  15 year 7 students will be appointed a position as an everyday librarian . It is a chance for the students with the skills in reading to help those who are not as passionate or haven’t found the right book yet.

How can you get people to read?


It’s always difficult choosing a new book to read. To help, Mr. Keenan has come up with a list of suggested titles for pupils at the school.

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